Art Around the World Project

"Art Around the World Project" 2010 | 23 Individual Works Stitched Together 1 of a Kind | Size = 32" X 48"

Artist and art appreciator Beth Edwards of 1stAngel Arts Magazine started Art Around the World with the intention in mind of making a change on a global scale. This charity event, raising money for Greenpeace, combines the works of creative people around the world, including artists, poets, and people of creative intent.

As word spread of the endeavor over the next few months, eighteen artists, ranging from the West Coast of the United States to as far as Sydney, Australia came to the call, and donated either an 9"x9" print of their work, or an original piece, resulting in twenty-three invidual works of art, handstitched together, to signify the unity of our global village. The finished piece itself also includes a listing of each artist and their contributions that account for the twenty-fourth piece, encompassing an impressive collaborative that measures roughly 32" in height and 48" in length.

Included with the purchase of this piece is a 5" x 8" hard-bound book with eighteen pages of contributed poems by selected artists.

100% of the proceeds from 140hours auction of this unique collaborative work will be donated to Greenpeace.

Item No. 932 | Opening Price = $50 | Estimated Value = $2800 | Current Top Bid = $99

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