Sarah Yuster | Staten Island, New York USA

When humanity, technology and the natural world convene”…Sarah Yuster’s landscapes embrace the vortex. Her particular ability to convey atmosphere, air and subtle light, results in paintings that nail a moment, flash a glimpse or hint at a mystery. 
Sprawling, lush and sentimental treatment is lavished on both likely and unlikely subjects, while others are spare, offhand remarks…and there’s an occasional elbow jab of dry humor.  A viewer will likely connect somewhere along this spectrum of compelling images.

Sarah Yuster is a painter best known for her urban landscapes and insightful portraits.

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery purchased her painting of Nobel laureate Saul Bellow and one of the worlds’ foremost thinkers, Pulitzer prize winner  Edward O. Wilson had Yuster paint his portrait, now hanging in Harvard University.  In 2008,  her elegant depiction of the astrophysicist and PBS NOVA star, Neil DeGrasse Tyson was selected for acquisition by the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

She‘s been commisioned by the Wall Street Journal, The NY State Legislature. and the NYC Department of Education among others. Most recently, she has  completed large scale portraits for a member of Thailand’s Royal Family.

Solo shows at the New York Road Runners Club, the National Runners Hall of Fame, Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences and the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art have met with ardent response and media review. Her work has been exhibited at the Academy of Design,  NYC galleries, and hangs in major institutions and corporate headquarters throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Yuster has her home and studio on Staten Island, New York City’s quiet borough, where she lives with her husband, musician Robert Mosci. They have a son and daughter, Ian and Nora. 

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